Journey to the Moontower

by Michael John

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released October 13, 2012



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Michael John Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Take Off (Freaks and Geeks Remix)
Alright now check the name it's Michael John
Fade away your hype is gone
Bye so long
Runnin' shit, I best go get my nikes on
2015 air mags, so I don't need to strap 'em up
Livin' in the future man, there ain't no way I'm backin' up.
They say I need to slow it down, but I don't see that happenin'
More holy shit moments in my life than toilets at the vatican
Strappin' in for turbulence, abandon planets when I rap,
Liftin' off this granite with no plan intact of coming back.
Check me in the sky, see me high up in my rocketship
Energy just like a gymnist, make those power sockets split,
She says she loves my music, tells me how with her esophagus
She gives me such a big head I'm about to blow my confidence.
Nightmare before Christmas on this freaks and geeks remix,
It seems to keep the fear alive cause Freddy Kreuger's here with presents
Open up your gift you twit, admit I lead when all you do is follow,
Man my dreams are blastin' off, yours failed to launch the first Apollo
Call me Ivan Drago, towering over my competition,
Enemies remain afraid, cowards in the corner pissin'
Arsonal of lyrics, grenade pin pulled as I goto speak
Ruin Doug Funny's whole day cause I can't help but kill the beats.
Challengin' these haters, but they say no man forget it
Give that same hand movement like Drake's pettin' heads of midgets.
Off the dome just like a toupe' got these bitches wiggin' out
Treat them like the alphabet, everynight I'm killin' nouns.
You simply sippin' syllables, I overdose on metaphores
My funeral die a legend, while nobody plans attending yours
With all the shit I'm talking, man my breath kickin' like Bruce Lee
Can not stop my attitude from knockin' out a few teeth
It's hard to not be cocky with a dick as big as wall street
Quit the pickets, take those lips and occupy these balls please
Farthest from a movie star, but I've been known to cause scenes
Throw those middle fingers up and let those angry birds sing.
Raise 'em up, change in the pace ain't phasin' us
The wait on my mixtape makes 'em nuts
This race is done, while you're still at the start line lacin' up
Fear the flow, leave a bitter taste like someone shit in your cereal
Your stereo is geared to blow
Can't stop me now, no here we go.
Track Name: Hear Me Out (Thoughts From A Balcony Remix)
Man my lyrics are my weaponry, I'll fire off a full clip
You runnin' blind around your stable trippin' over bullshit
every hit I'm droppin' comin' courtesy with closed fists
you're opposite of hot
continue flowin' out that cold piss.
Career is hopeless while Michael John the dopest
piranha in the tank
devour haters up like goldfish
Disposin' those who choke like the throats that I blow my load in
I think it's time to hang it up
I'll show you where the rope is.
Show you what dope is
I'm coastin' in that cool breeze
got my music wrapped around their souls up now like shoe strings
fuck what your crew brings I'm king of the mountain
now watch me swallow bottle rockets down and shit out fountains
I'm fuckin' loud
celebratin' in the faces of doubters
too busy bein' the greatest and at the top's where they found us
appearin' fresh
straight brim, green up under the lids
your style lookin' more fucked than Sam Bernstein's kids
Now hear me out

What you think that you got it?
your product is garbage
why don't you bite off your own ear?
Cause what you're doings retarded
I get it started and hit harder than Floyd did to Cotto
continue sippin' on your wine coolers screamin' out yolo
I'm on a roll
fuckin' amateurs I'll damage your pride
messin' with a heavyweight
start perkasizing your rhymes
they're fallin' flat like I stuck a stick into your spoke
you're flyin' off of the handle and landed in the road with no clothes
confidence stripped you tripped
made my appearance
these fans flipped for my shit
we see you no longer near us
I got reservations under greatest takin' a seat
losin' control with the flow like when you're pissin' and sneeze
I need an IV
droppin' sick lines so you can buy me a handicap sticker but find me in the fast lane
fill up the gas tank
propane to a match case
thoughts from a balcony man the kid did his damn thing.
Track Name: Like Me (Mind Your Manners Remix)
I know I'm a little late on this one
But I'm a still rip it
Check It,

I'm just a 24, skateboarding slacker from the mitten
treatin' pussy like it's trouble, wonder how much I can get in
I'll admit,
things are different ever since I started spittin'
bitches grippin' on my linen, textin' me to come and get 'em.
While I ride around the city hear me keep that system bumpin'
then turn in for the night with Cap N' Crunch and watch Adult Swim.
Heavy drinking? Yeah I'm thinking that's just what we'll do.
Looking for me? I'll be posted somewhere on top of the moon.
40 in the right, grape swisher in my left
another day, a different city always rippin' up a set
where's the ref with my medal symbolizing I'm the best,
standin' all alone in first, competition don't exist.

Liquor mixed with negligence
can't return to innocence
Snick and Sega Genesis
Saturdays were so legit.
Now it's double dare to take a hit
I like a little meat on my girls bones,
Lori Beth.
Spittin' vital information for your everyday life
Missle dropkick into the crowd, fuck a stage dive.
'90s kids high
swimmin' in a big sky
Taco Bell and Bud Light's the diet that we live by.
Vision blurry like asian porn
sippin' orange when we head in and hit record
liquor spills all over these dormitory floors
students party out to Michael John instead of working on reports.
Cut class to cut tracks
so when I come and, bust raps
eyes open up fast,
now I got your attention like a stiffy in sweatpants
no time for vacation, but still visit your wetlands, girl.
Track Name: Young ft. KJD
(Michael John - Verse 1)

You know that feelin' where you just feel completely unstoppable, and you're on top of the world and nothing can bring you down? It's kind of like that, look.

This song goes out to every kid who's ever had a dream
That seemed to be asleep in class when really thinkin' bigger things.
Our mothers always gave us endless opportunities
But she would freak to think that we'd pursue a life with no degree.
Rockin' shows every evenin' not crunchin' numbers for clients
flyin' high up in the sky over these oceans of diamonds,
undescribable feelin' this wild ride you're the pilot
nose dive in their minds to provide times of excitement.
Kick a mayan's vagina, this ain't the end of the planet
Sittin' back, margaritas in cabana's imagine the fact that we are livin' random
Not knowin' what happens next
Fall asleep in Michigan and wake up on the Vegas strip
Take a sip as we're toastin' to good times
A paradise is not far that you could find
I wouldn't lie
Sooner than later our moment's set to blow fast
Just shout it from the roofs loud and let them know that.

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
than the sun

Don't mind us... We're just gonna live it up

(Michael John -- Verse 2)

Gettin' high on top of balcony's, livin' like rockstars
A childhood of cartoons and blueberry poptarts
But now we hop bars when it gets dark
Take the back roads to stay clear of them cop cars
We live large
Backyard barbeques, drinkin' by the beaches
Summer vacation, three months away from teachers
Or callin' into work sick, I guarantee it's worth it
The purpose of livin' reckless is you deserve it.
80 degrees, two-piece bikini's I'm weak
The way she sucks down a jello shot, Mr. Cosby would freak
Steady livin' a dream, I hope to all you can find it
If that's in a booth drunk, dinin' at Coney Island.
These haters gettin' jealous so they all start to creep in
The only music that they're hearin' from me is sweet chin
Believe this
Our anthem blastin' all through the evenin'
With the moon shinin' down on the kids that are singin'

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
than the sun

(KJD - Verse 3)

Yeah. This normally ain't my style. But fuck it. Lemme talk to 'em. Listen.

A 90's baby with a dream, and a pen & pad/
Thinkin' to be cool, all I gotta do is mention swag/
Am I cool yet? Naw man, still the outcast/
Drake look-a-like that refuse to rap about cash/
I'm a outlast and swag rap, skinny jean, back packing fad whore/
Dressed for a dance war/
And that's for damn sure, but things are looking gloomy/
Then the man in the mirror started talking to me/
He told me "Things can change in the blink of an eye"/
Well I been blinking 20 years, is what I said in reply/
And they haven't changed yet, but my head's in the sky/
Cuz the thought of my success is what's set in my mind/
"Sometimes you gotta take your pride and set it aside"/
"And start to follow all the laws that you neglect to abide by"/
"It gets a little crazy when the lead starts to fly"/
But that's irrelevant right now, the only thing that's on my mind's/

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
than the sun